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doctors desk, pen, stethascopeSmart Work Consulting was established in 2004. We are specialists in healthcare education and consultancy. With more than 25 years NHS experience we are highly credible. Our clinical backgrounds mean we are able to fully engage with staff at all levels and all walks of like. We are therefore able to offer our services outside of healthcare. Our credibility is essential as it means we can help you influence behaviour and attitudes in order to bring about change.

Some of the organisations that have used our services...

  1. University Hospitals of Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
  2. Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust
  3. South Birmingham Primary Care Trust
  4. Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust
  5. Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust
  6. NHS West Midlands

Some of the work we have undertaken

  1. Design, organisation and delivery of development programmes
  2. Delivery of workshops
  3. Team diagnosis and team building
  4. Evaluation of academic programmes
  5. Scoping and redesign of nursing documentation
  6. Training Needs Analysis
  7. Developing and Writing Strategies
  8. Conference Organisation
  9. Design and Facilitation of Staff and Patient/User Focus Groups
  10. Evaluation of Change Projects
  11. Strategy and policy development
  12. Evaluation of change projects
  13. Design and Delivery of User Consultation in relation to Quality Accounts
  14. Design, organisation and facilitation of assessment centres and development centres

Our Latest Publications:

Wells A, Swain D. and Field L. 2010 "How support staff can be helped to challenge unacceptable practice" February Volume 16 Number 8

Other Publications:

Wells A. 2007 'Improving Patient Outcomes- a Resource for Ward Leaders' also available on

Contributed to Lees L. 2007 ‘Nurse Facilitated Discharge from hospital’ M&K Publishing.

Wells A. 2005 “Philosophy or Fairy Tale” Practice Development in Health Care 4(1) 49-55

Contributor to: Dooher J., Clark A., and Fowler J. 2001 "Case Studies on Practice Development" Quay Books

Dunmore R and Wells A. 1999 “Issues in Training and Development” Nursing Standard Feb. 3 rd Vol.13 No. 20 p.33-35

Contributor to: Fowler J. (Ed) 1998 “The Handbook of Clinical Supervision” Mark Allen Publications

Wells A. 1997 “Implementing Clinical Supervision” in “Setting Up and Developing Clinical Supervision” Nursing Standard July 9 Vol.11 No. 42 p.32-33

What People have to say about
our work...

Customer Care Training
"I am trying to remember to smile when answering the phone! Have made more of an effort to actually listen to what people are saying and it s working! and fortunately have not seen inappropriate behaviour to tackle yet, but will act when I do.I am also smiling at people I pass in the corridor, but getting some mixed reactions including one or two worried looks!

I really enjoyed the day s training and felt I learned a great deal that will be really useful. It was also good that we were such a mixture of occupations so we could learn from each other".

Participant- Customer Care Workshop

Team Building Away Day
" Just wanted to say a really big thank you for Friday. We all have a really great time I wanted to pass onto you all the comments I had from the ladies and Gent. The day was balanced and the exercises were perfect in the way they put over their message but in a fun way. Your help and guidance was invaluable, I think it made us see things in a different light as you can get a bit blinded when you are too close to a problem.

I think the day achieved a lot in the respect of openness and honesty and has given us some ideas to move forward as a team. I am putting some of these in to practice today, and I will let you know how we get on .Once again thank you from me and the rest of the team.

I hope we can make this a regular event".

Linda Webber, R&D Research Nurse Manager, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham